The project of establishing a unified database of the public sector projects and studies in Lebanon is urgently required to ensure a global vision of the development process in the public sector, and to avoid the repetition of similar studies.

To achieve this objective , and upon the request of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform , the Prime Minister issued the following circulars:

Cicular no 34/2002 dated 18/12/2002
Cicular no 8/2003 dated 15/3/2003
Cicular no 29/2014 dated 12/11/2014
Cicular no 28/2015 dated 24/12/2015
Instructions of the Director of Finance -2018
According to these circulars, all public administrations and agencies are requested to provide a hard or a soft copy of the studies and the plans available in their administrations. They are also requested, before conducting any study, to coordinate with OMSAR to find out whether this study or a similar or related one had previously been prepared.
The Director of Finance also introduced in 11/6/2018 a new mechanism to fight corruption in the development of public sector studies: All the public administrations must provide  OMSAR with a copy of each study prepared in order to obtain funding.